Albany-Saratoga Speedway 2013 Points

Links below for each division’s current points. All links are pdf files. Please remember to refresh your browser in order to see the most recent points. Sometimes the last pdf file will remain cached in your system, after you refresh the page you should see the current one.

4/18/14 Points

9/6/13 Points (Final Points)

8/30/13 Points

8/23/13 Points

8/16/13 Points

8/2/13 Points

7/26/13 Points

7/19/13 Points

7/12/13 Points

6/28/13 Points

6/21/13 Points

6/14/13 Points

5/31/13 Points

5/17/13 Points

5/10/13 Points

5/3/13 Points

4/26/13 Points

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