New Lease Takes Racing to 2018 at Albany Saratoga Speedway

You could feel the excitement through the phone line — Albany Saratoga Speedway promoter Lyle DeVore was belting out that his boss, Howard Commander, and Albany Saratoga Speedway landowner Bruce Richards had just signed a five-year lease.

Commander and DeVore, who re-opened the speedway at the beginning of the 2012 race season, will now be hosting racing events at the Malta oval until 2018.

“We just want to squash all of the rumors out there,” said the 42 year old DeVore.  “Nobody has bought the property, it is not going to be a Shop Rite.  Bruce has been great to work with, he’s been a great landlord and I’m thrilled that we are able to continue this adventure.”

DeVore, who grew up watching races and working at the Richards family-owned oval, was put in charge when Commander put the clay back down on the speedway and opened the doors, and it’s been a dream job for DeVore.

“It’s pretty cool for me, when you grew up here — and now to be able to run races here — it’s a pretty remarkable thing for me.  I think we are doing a good job but we could do better and we are working on that,” said DeVore. “Next season we will run the same divisions and we’re looking to improve on our end as far as running the races out, we’re committed to providing good quality racing.”

According to DeVore ‘Brett Hearn’s Big Show’ will return again next season and there is a possibility of the addition of another mid-week event.  DeVore has been working on the speedway this week, widening the back straightaway, refiguring the corners and laying down a new surface on the entire oval.

“It’s all good,” smiled DeVore.

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