Handicapping Rules for Friday August 16, 2013

This Friday, August 16 2013, we will be awarding appearance points only to modifieds. Ransomville Speedway is holding the 29th annual Alex Friesen Summer Nationals that same night.

We are doing this as a professional courtesy in the spirit of cooperation with Ransomville Speedway and our fellow promoters there, and also in memory of Alex Friesen.

Modified Handicapping & Points for Friday August 16, 2013

All drivers in attendance with race car will be awarded 20 points.  Regular Albany Saratoga Speedway drivers who participate in the Alex Friesen Summer Nationals will also be awarded 20 points.  If a driver is absent at Albany Saratoga and does not participate at Ransomville they will be awarded zero points.

We will draw for heat races, feature will be lined up heads up.  Drivers who have a win will start the feature no further forward than fifth place.  This race will not count for handicapping purposes.  Handicapping for the first triple 20 on August 23 will be based off of finishes from 07-19, 07-26 & 08-02.

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