Friday May 3, 2013 Results

With all the talk about Brett Hearn and Stewart Friesen at the 4/10 mile Albany Saratoga Speedway this season it appeared that Kenny Tremont was trying to remind folks that you can’t count him out when it comes to dominating at the ‘Great Race Place.’  Tremont, a 12 time Modified point champion at the Malta-based speedway, drove his S&S Asphalt Paving sponsored automobile like he stole it on Friday night.

At the start of the 35 lap Modified feature event it was all Jeff Trombley.  But Tremont was lurking and cracked the top five, from his 11th place start, by the sixth circuit.  Ten laps later and Tremont was sitting in second place.  The two put on a show before Tremont went upstairs going into the first turn and went by Trombley for the race lead on lap 24.

The win was Tremont’s 58th win at the oval ― and his 300th career win.

“We had a good race there and you throw a couple of lap cars in there and it makes it interesting,” said the 51 year old Tremont.  “If he [Trombley] picked the bottom I was going to pick the top and if he had picked the top I would have picked the bottom ― sometimes it’s easier to run second through lap traffic then it is to lead.”

Trombley followed Tremont across the finish line and was followed by Matt Delorenzo, Jeremy Wilder and Stewart Friesen.

At some points during the event it was hard to tell who was faster ― Delorenzo was flying on his ride up through the field after starting outside of Tremont in the sixth row.

The 25 lap Sportsman feature was owned by Jeremy Pitts.  Despite a sixteen place starting position, Pitts was in top five status only a few circuits after the green flag dropped.  Nick Lussier didn’t make it easy for Pitts at first and with one lap remaining Pitts made his move.

“He [Lussier] left a hole open, just enough where I could get in there,” said Pitts during post-race ceremonies.  “I’m happy, the car has been good the last two weeks.”

Lussier, Andy Durie, Derrick McGrew and Fred Mullberger all got top five bragging rights when the Sportsman event concluded.

After a runner up finish the week prior, Jack Bublak came to the track to better that run and he did just that winning the 10 lap [shortened from 12 laps] Novice Sportsman feature event.

An incident early on, on the  restart to lap six,  put Matt Pappa to the rear and Bublak back into the race lead.  Bublak brought his BW Steel sponsored automobile in for the win. Pappa made it back to the runner up spot and was followed by Chris Murray, Ricky Davis and the season opener winner, Connor Cleveland.

Pro Stock racer Rob Yetman has been so dominant this year.  Yetman already has two wins at Albany Saratoga Speedway’s sister track, Lebanon Valley Speedway, and after Friday night he was showing two credits at AS as well.

Yetman started from 10th place and was leading the pack around after a lap seven pass.  By the time the checkered flag fell Yetman’s Lazzaro’s Auto Body sponsored mount had almost a full straightaway lead over the rest of the field.

“Man what a mess that was,” said Yetman in victory lane of the caution plagued event. Dan Older, Brandon Emigh, Kim Duell and Ed Thompson followed Yetman.

On the third time around the speedway Yule Cook took the lead in the 20 lap Street Stock feature event and never looked back despite many serious challenges from Ken Conroy and Bill Duprey.  With only five circuits remaining you could have thrown a blanket over the top three but the ‘Flying Carrot’ held tight and took his first win of the 2013 season. Duprey, who finished second for the opening night festivities, would secure another runner-up finish.  Ken Conroy, Scott Lawrence and Nathan Dahoda rounded out the top five.

Todd Goldstein owned the 4 Cylinder Combined feature.  Mark Lindblade, Steve Ryan, Dan Older and Lance Robertson followed Goldstein across the line.

Things ― Fred Proctor won the third Sportsman qualifier but after coming across the finish line Proctor hit the tire in turn one and folded up the left front of his automobile….  Proctor had to exit the race surface by way of a tow vehicle…  Keith Flach was a victim when Mike Perrotte got sideways during their qualifying event.  Flach entered the pits and rejoined the field prior to the re-start but the car was not right and Flach did not qualify…  Coming down for the checkered in the second Sportsman feature Frank Hoard III took the second, and final qualifying position, from Jim Osgood…  Like last season, Ronnie Johnson was the fastest car in hot laps prior to the feature event…  The 12 lap Novice Sportsman feature saw a bad crash prior to any laps getting put on the counter.  John Lindblade’s car suffered heavy damage… “I’ll tell you the track is smooth ― Lyle and his team really did a great job ― it’s a little bit wider and plenty of room to race and if you are going good you can get there,” said Tremont after taking career win 300…  Highlight for next week’s show was a $600 to win Sportsman feature but Mike Sowle [Sowle’s Trailer Repair] has added an additional $500 to the purse…

Modified Results (35 Laps) – 1) KEN TREMONT, 2) Jeff Trombley, 3) Matt Delorenzo, 4) Jeremy Wilder, 5) Stewart Friesen, 6) Ronnie Johnson, 7) Brett Hearn, 8) Neil Stratton, 9) Don Ronca, 10) Mark Kislowski, 11) Ray Hoard, 12) Marc Johnson, 13) Peter Britten, 14) A.J. Romano, 15) Matt Depew, 16) Bodie Bellinger, 17) Brian Gleason, 18) Keith Flach, 19) Rich Ronca, 20) Jimmy Cottrell, 21) Pep Corradi, 22) Tony Ballestero, 23) Kyle Sheldon, 24) Floyd Billington, 25) Justin Boehler, 26) John Proctor, 27) C.G. Morey, 28) Mike Perrotte DNS) John Lutes Jr.

Modified Heats:  Stewart Friesen, Jeff Trombley, Neil Stratton

Sportsman Results (25 Laps) – 1) JEREMY PITTS, 2) Nick Lussier, 3) Andy Durie, 4) Derek McGrew, 5) Fred Mullberger, 6) Adam McAuliffe, 7) Mike Tholin, 8) Fred Proctor, 9) Joe Orlando, 10) Dan Santabarbara, 11) Cody Bleau, 12) Luke Klob, 13) Scott Duell, 14) Derek Speshock, 15) Robert Budlak, 16) Nick Anatriello, 17) Mark Hughes,  18) Paul Dunham, 19) Eric Mack, 20) Brett Wright, 21) Mike Burdo, 22) Mike Jeske, 23) Jack Swinton, 24) Jack Gentile, 25) Elliott Lussier, 26) Chuck Dickinson, 27) D.J. Brundige, 28) Stan Lemiesz, 29) Frank Hoard III, DNQ) Joey Scarborough, DNQ) Jon Miller, DNQ) Ron Casey, DNQ) Jake Scarborough, DNQ) Nelson Passino, DNQ) Mike Ostrander, DNQ) Dave Baranowski Jr, DNQ) Seth Roberts, DNQ) Pete Jeske, DNQ) Jim Osgood, DNQ) Leo Sousie, DNQ) Dan Boni, DNQ) Jim Introne

Sportsman Heats:  Stan Lemiesz,  Nick Lussier,  Fred Proctor, Dan Santabarbara, Luke Klob

Sportsman Consi:  Robert Bublak, Chuck Dickinson

Novice Sportsman Results – 1) JACK BUBLAK, 2) Matt Pappa, 3) Chris Murray, 4) Ricky Davis, 5) Connor Cleveland, 6) Wally Potter, 7) Doug Hancock, 8) Zach Daurio, 9) Bob Schmidt, 10) Colin Bokus, 11) Anthony Alger, 12) John Linblade, 13) D.J. Mabb, DNS) Shannon Donnelly, DNS) Jesse Edwards

Novice Sportsman Heats:  Jack Bublak, Matt Pappa

Pro Stock Results (25 Laps) – 1) ROB YETMAN, 2) Dan Older, 3) Brandon Emigh, 4) Kim Duell, 5) Ed Thompson, 6) Dave Depaulo, 7) Byron Wescott, 8) Kevin VanChance, 9) Dean Charbonneau, 10) Dave Emigh, 11) Ken Martin, 12) Jeff Washburn, 13) Cale Kneer, 14) Frank Monroe, 15) Cole Lawton, 16) Walt Brownell, DNS) Matt Freckletong

Prostock Heats:   Jeff Washburn, Dan Older

Street Stock Results (20 Laps) – 1) YULE COOK, 2) Bill Duprey, 3) Ken Conroy, 4) Scott Lawrence, 5) Nathan Dahoda, 6) Luke MacIsaac, 7) David Shippee, 8) Paul Braymer, 9) Damon Anderson, 10) Jody Thew, 11) Dave Stickles, 12) Tyler Michel, 13) Matt Mosher, 14) John Hayes, 15) Justin Smith, 16) Randy Miller, 17) Ben Newsome, DNS) Rowdy Burch

4 Cylinder Combined Results (15 Laps) – 1) TODD GOLDSTEIN, 2) Mark Lindblade, 3) Steve Ryan, 4) Dan Older, 5) Lance Robertson, 6) Pete Vila, 7) David Frame, 8) Phil Defiglio, 9) Jeff Donnelly Jr, 10) Joe Tallman, 11) Brett Horlacher, 12) Christian Mulrain, 13) Jake Currier

4 Cylinder Single Cam Results (15 Laps) – 1) MARK LINDBLADE, 2) Dan Older, 3) Lance Robertson, 4) Jeff Donnelly Jr, 5) Joe Tallman, 6) Brett Horlacher, 7) Christian Mulrain

4 Cylinder Dual Cam Results (15 Laps) – 1) TODD GOLDSTEIN, 2) Steve Ryan, 3) Pete Vila, 4) David Frame, 5) Phil Defiglio, 6) Jake Currier

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